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08 February 2010 @ 12:15 am
Bring the Wonderland Home to Me... Alice in Wonderland That Is!  
One of the highlights of watching the Super Bowl today was viewing the trailer for the upcoming film, Alice in Wonderland. Now, I've seen the trailer before... it's quite tasty. Especially the 3D version that I previewed when seeing Avatar at the theater. What I'm finding though is that each time I see it, my anticipation grows exponentially. Yes, I'm a Johnny Depp fan. Yes, I'm a Tim Burton fan as well. Yet, what grabs me the most is the story itself. It was a childhood favorite of mine. The old, weathered book remains on my bookshelf, and shall remain there until I return to the earth. The trippie world that Lewis Carroll created was what I wanted my reality to be. Now to see it brought to life in the way I envisioned as child... it blows my mind. I'm sure there may be some liberties that Tim Burton has taken with the story, but I'm prepared for that... as long as he brings the fantastic world to life for me. When I'm done watching the film, I want to feel like the lines between reality and fantasy have been blurred. That's the experience I'm looking for. I want to feel like Alice... like I've eaten one too many mushrooms, but without the brain damage.

Emotional Status: giddygiddy
Music du Juor: "Alten Mara" - Mythos